RTI rolls out intercom support across multiple devices

RTI has unveiled video intercom support for selected controllers and third-party intercom-enabled devices.

Introduced to allow improve interaction with front doors, security gates and room-to-room applications, the integration allows users to communicate from point to point via RTI devices.

RTI's video intercom capabilities are supported on the KX3, KX7, and KX10 in-wall touch panels, the CX7 and the upcoming CX10 countertop/under-cabinet touch panels, in addition to the manufacturer’s flagship T3x intercom-enabled handheld controller.

“Door entry is a new area for RTI and for many CI dealers,” commented David Meyerowitz, category manager at Invision UK.

“IP based door entry solutions have opened the door for CI dealers where traditionally the security contractor would have dealt with this. Door Entry is a valuable revenue stream and with the addition of the SIP video and audio integration from RTI, installer can offer an end to end automation and entry solution for their customers."

Installers can provide video communications on compatible devices that support H.264-based video intercom via SIP following a free firmware update. Such devices support auto answer or do not disturb modes, with a push-to-talk audio mode allowing communicate via voice only from device to device.”

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