Savant adds hardware and updates to AV over IP line

Savant has launched hardware and upgraded features for its most recent range of AV over IP systems.

Home automation specialist Savant has prioritised audio processing, larger system configuration flexibility and making more video input/output options available at a lower cost with the changes.

Introduced “based on feedback received from Savant integrators” according to the manufacturer, all of the IP features and products are available to use and purchase now.

Savant’s IP Video platform supporting 4K/60 4:4:4 resolution now comes complete with onboard audio processing, available with either 4 or 8 ports of inputs. Two-channel audio is automatically extracted and down mixed off of most popular surround modes and distributed over the network to be picked up by any IP Audio device throughout the home.

The manufacturer has additionally unveiled single input and output boxes for its IP Video line, designed to offer a lower cost option for accommodating single-source video inputs and outputs for one TV on smaller projects.

It has furthermore expanded its connectivity range for IP Video with the introduction of multiple network switches, including a 96 port 10Gb Netgear switch. A modular chassis also allows for a mix of fibre and copper, as well as 1Gb, 10Gb and 40Gb ports for potential future scalability. This system can support up to 95 video inputs or outputs. In addition, 12 and 24 port AVB switches from Extreme Networks are now available to integrators for larger scale IP Audio distribution.

A newly developed IP Audio box with 16-channels (8 zones) of balanced outputs also joins the lineup for tackling audio connections over extended distances. The device can receive audio signal over the AVB network from any Savant IP Audio-enabled product, including the IP Audio music server or the IP Video input transmitter.