Savant launches Micro Aperture architectural loudspeakers

Savant has launched a Micro Aperture architectural loudspeaker range which allows integrators to install entertainment content anywhere in the home with single Ethernet cable connectivity.

Designed to reduce the complexity of a distributed audio system design and installation, Savant’s PoE self-powered Micro Aperture architectural speakers have a highly efficient amplifier, reducing installation time. This also means that sound quality is maintained anywhere throughout the house because content remains in the digital domain from source to speaker. 

The new range of speakers include self-powered PoE speaker, companion PoE satellite speaker, and Passive (4-ohm) speaker (for interface with traditional audio systems). There are also three in-ceiling versions available, each using an advanced technology called Balanced More Radiator that delivers more sound per watt of amplifier power into the listening area.

Each self-powered Micro Aperture PoE speaker can run up to three passive satellite speakers and will self-regulate the output power based upon the PoE type of switch or injector that is being used. It is easy and simple for the user to change room configurations because reach unit is individually controlled and connected to the network. 

To fit in nicely with the home décor, the speakers sit flush in the ceiling, and are available with compact, paintable round or square four-inch grilles. 

The speakers are easy to install using Savant’s INSTALL EZE tool-less installation system which secures the speakers to the ceiling, and the provided trim makes the speakers ideal for both new constructions and retrofit projects. 

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