Screen Excellence adds feature to hide screen with custom picture artwork option

Screen Excellence has added the TAM-Art Edition, a new option to its True Aspect Masking Film Screen System, which allows the film screen surface to be covered with a custom print when not being used.

The True Aspect Masking (TAM) systems from Screen Excellence have been used in home cinemas for over a decade. The TAM-Art option is a custom print on an additional acoustically transparent (A.T.) curtain that is hidden in the system. When the screen is not being used for video, the TAM-Art can be unrolled from a motorised tube and kept in place with batten, similar to an electric drop-down screen. This covers the entire screen and makes it look like a decorative picture on a wall. 

The screen can still be used to listen to music when the TAM-Art setting is in use as the custom-printed mask is acoustically transparent allowing sound to come through from the speakers mounted behind the film screen.

Available in native formats ranging from 16:9 to 2.40 and in custom sizes, the systems have the company’s acclaimed Enlightor Neo woven fabric A.T. 4K film screen surface, automated sheer black A.T. motorised masking panels and black velvet borders. 

A popular choice for home cinemas, the TAM screens have the centre channel loudspeaker and space permitting, the left and right mains speakers directly behind the A.T. film screen. This delivers sound through the centre of the film screen as intended by film makers, adding to the “Suspension of disbelief” and giving it a sense of realism, something that CEO Patrice Congard wants to achieve through all products by Screen Excellence and Audio Excellence. 

The TAM-Art option is available now to order. The homeowner provides the artwork for the custom print.