Simple Control launches IoT system

The cloud-based IoT control platform Simple Control has launched in the UK via the distributor Habitech.

Designed to focus on an open, wireless control environment rather than a proprietary, controller-based systems, Simple Control is built around an iOS control app.

The system is able to recognise almost all devices for the home, including smart TV screens, AV receivers, light bulbs, controllers, heating systems and multi room audio setups – all of which can be controlled on the Simple control app via the cloud.

Simple Control offers support for technology from a number of IoT and AV manufacturers, including Alexa, Fire, Nest, Hue, and SmartThings.

Simple Control brings all apps together in a single two-way UI using what they label “the world’s largest IP, serial and IR libraries” providing preloaded and predesigned graphics, protocols and control codes for thousands of devices.

The system is comprised of five components – the app, Simple Service software (for media and guides and IR control for third party adapters, sensors, triggers, clocks, alarms), Simple Sync software (for remote access and synchronisation), Simple Hub hardware and Simple Blaster (with PoE version, for compatibility with older IR products).

Simple Control is available in several different packages from Habitech. Habitech’s own dedicated product dealer training will begin from Tuesday 27 June, 2017 at the distributor’s headquarters.