Technology startup RYSE introduces smart shade upgrades

Toronto startup, RYSE has launched its SmartShades, a device that upgrades ordinary window shades and blinds into smart, automated, and motorised shades.

Available to order across the world, the SmartShades can be integrated with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit using RYSE’s SmartBridge. Apple users can add SmartShades directly to the Home app on their iPhone or iPad to control and automate their shades and the rest of the home from a single app. More integrations will be available soon.

For convenience and installation flexibility, users can choose to have the SmartShades completely wire-free with the optional quick-release BatteryPack. This lasts up to six months depending on usage and is easily rechargeable via the included USB cable.

The SmartShades allow homeowners to set schedules and timers to suit different preferences. Blinds can be grouped together in the app to create rooms, making this even more convenient and simple.

The startup has just sold its first 2,000 devices and will be setting up official international fulfilment centres throughout 2022 with more stock.