Toshiba enhances smart kitchen with introduction of microwave

Toshiba has debuted a new microwave oven with smart capabilities at CES in Las Vegas last week.

Marking a milestone in the application of IoT technology in smart homes, the microwave was unveiled at the Google and Amazon booths, demonstrating its integrated voice control. 

The ability to pair it with Amazon Alexa and Google Home gives users hands-free control of the smart microwave using voice commands.

Able to start, pause and stop the microwave, or specify cooking times using voice commands, the microwave will begin reheating using appropriate power and time settings. 

Not dissimilar to a conventional microwave, it also features a simple keypad, multiple different power levels and a child lock function. 

A plug-and-play application, users simply plug the microwave in, connect it to the internet using their smart home app and it’s ready to use. 

Dr. Scott Sun from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, and chief technologist of Toshiba Microwave Oven Overseas, commented: “Smart homes are the latest technological trend. Faced with the rise of the IoT and AI, we will stick to our innovation-driven approach and continue providing high-quality, safe products for households worldwide.”

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