ViewSonic's new portable LED projector achieves instant auto focus

Visual solutions provider, ViewSonic has introduced its latest addition to its M series of smart portable LED projectors, achieving instant auto focus in an ultra-light and portable design.

The new M2e Instant Smart 1080p Portable LED Projector uses Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology to instantly auto focus in just one second, which is thought to be three to five times faster than current auto focus methods.

The instant auto focus uses ToF sensors, which are a type of scanner-less LIDAR technology that measures distance based on the time it takes for photons to travel between the sensor’s emitter and the target area. This enables accurate distance ranging regardless of the object’s surface characteristics. The sensors also have high-accuracy linearity and up to three-metre detection range with a full field of view.

ToF technology is also used when the projector is moved. Traditionally, the user would need to refocus the projector by pressing a button on the remote to trigger the auto focus or by manually adjusting the focus ring. However, the M2e features a built-in G sensor design to detect the change of setup position and automatically trigger the instant auto focus.

Its portable design makes it flexible to be used for home entertainment as well as for working and learning from home situations. Weighing just 1kg, it is easy to transport around the home and can be placed almost anywhere.

Easy to setup, the M2e features instant powering on/off, instant auto focus, and auto keystone, as well as a stepless stand to allow for customised projection angles.

The M2e is also easy to connect to, allowing users to mirror content from their smartphones to the big screen via Wi-Fi, input/output audio via Bluetooth for flexible usage, or do direct single-cable streaming via USB Type-C.

Delivering a fully cinematic experience, the M2e features HD resolution and covers 125% Rec.709 colours supported by ViewSonic’s 2nd generation LED technology on an 80” large screen from just 2.1 metres away.

The projector uses ViewSonic’s exclusive thermal design to keep the LED light source running at a low temperature to stop viewers being irritated by fan noise.

Harman Kardon speakers have been integrated into the projector for immersive sound to match the image.

Taking eye care into mind, ViewSonic has taken virtually all of the blue light out of the image to reduce eyestrain over prolonged viewing periods.