Waterfall Audio launches newly designed in-wall subwoofer

Waterfall Audio introduces a new design approach for its SUB IW FLEX200 in-wall subwoofer.

Sitting 9.9cm into the wall, the SUB IW FLEX200 delivers crisp and clear bass with a new design approach close to a radiator design with a paintable front cover, instead of regular grilles.

With the integrator in mind, the product was created at the new Waterfall Design Centre, with a ‘smart’ back box measuring 50 x 59.9 x 9.9 cm, making it easy to install into drywalls or any custom furniture.

An active subwoofer, it has built in 200W amplification, allowing it to be set up easily with zone players. Integrators also have the option of fixing it into the rack.


Utilising Waterfall’s award-winning ATOHM 18cm driver with ATOHM 200W amp, the subwoofer reproduces high performance sound for the homeowner to enjoy. 

The subwoofer can be used with a TV for a theatre experience or with a music system. 

The in-wall solution saves on floor space, while still delivering optimal bass performance, ease of install and a design-friendly appearance. 

The SUB IW FLEX200 will ship in Q2 of 2020. 

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