Wisdom to bring Sage experience to CEDIA 2018

Wisdom Audio has announced that it will be hosting a demo of its Sage Cinema Series at CEDIA next month.

Line source speakers from the Nevada-based manufacturer will be accompanied by equipment from Trinnov, Kaleidescape, Sony, Seymour Screen in its dedicated home cinema set-up at booth #5247.

The 18-seat space will feature a 9.4.6 immersive audio presentation incorporating a bi-amplified front stage of Wisdom’s Sage Cinema Series Line 3, a modular line source, in combination with six Sage Cinema Line 2 surround channels paired with six of the Point 2 height channel point source loudspeakers and four STS RTL (Regenerative Transmission Line) subwoofers.

The 19 loudspeakers will be concealed in 6-in deep walls as part of a design by acoustic treatments specialists H.T.E.

All 28 (12KW) channels of amplification will be handled by four Trinnov Amplitude8 eight-channel power amplifiers, paired with an Altitude32 processor which will decode a pre-assembled script stored on a Kaleidescape server.

A Sony VPL-VW5000 4K projector accompanied by a 160-in acoustically transparent, Neo fabric projection screen from Seymour Screen will be in place to handle visuals.

"Wisdom has become a must-hear demonstration at each CEDIA Expo, and we're proud to continue our partnership with some of the best brands in the CI industry to do so," commented Luc Guillaume, managing director at Wisdom Audio.

CEDIA 2018 runs from 6 to 8 September, 2018 at the San Diego Convention Centre, California.

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