Chord Electronics launches BerTTi amplifier

The BerTTi amplifier utilises Ultima topology to the Table Top (TT) range for the first time.

BerTTi’s Ultima topology forms a feature-packed, pre/power amp with the benefit of digital conversion built in, negating the need for an external DAC.

The BerTTi features a 75-watt design with dual-feed-forward error-correction topology, which monitors and aims to correct signals before the output stage.

The amplifier features two modified power supplies, plus an additional auxiliary power rail for the front end, which provides extra voltage to drive the custom-made Mosfets. Further features include both balanced and unbalanced inputs, gold-plated loudspeaker outputs, plus a 10 A IEC power inlet.

BerTTi is available in a choice of jett black or argent silver.

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