Linn launches Klimax Solo 800 mono power amplifier

Linn may be more known for its speakers and turntables, but this about to change as the Klimax Solo 800 power amplifier marks the first of its kind for the Scottish company.

The Kilmax can deliver 800W into 4ohms and 1.2kW into 2-ohms. Operation is kept cool for this Class AB amplifier with large surface area heatsinks, with the use of convection currents that draws cool air into the Klimax Solo 800’s hidden lower vents where heat is absorbed and then expelled from the unit’s top surface. The design does all this while ensuring temperature within the amp is minimised to ensure the internal components remain operate at a consistent at all times.

There is a new switch-mode power supply topology for the Solo 800 named Utopik, that can generate a maximum of 2kW power output. With the Utopik, Linn describes the Solo 800 as being cleaner, more efficient and whisper quiet over the full range of operating conditions.

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