Linn music systems integrate with Savant Smart Home Automation

Linn Products has announced the availability of a new Savant Approved Control Profile for its Selekt DSM modular network music player.

The new profile will facilitate the effortless integration of Linn’s prestigious music systems into a Savant Smart Home.

“We are thrilled that Linn can now be integrated seamlessly into a Savant Smart Home,” said Steve Croft, head of CI sales at Linn. “This will bring new opportunities for our trade network to exceed customer expectations by delivering the highest possible sound quality throughout their homes, with best-in-breed home automation.”

Savant’s VP, product evangelist, George Katsiris added: “We are delighted to be adding Linn to our roster of approved AV brands, as they are undoubtedly one of the most respected audio brands in the hi-fi industry with such a great heritage and reputation for design and quality.”