Race simulators available to high-end homes via AWE

Distributor, AWE has announced it is exclusively distributing Base Performance Simulation (BPS) bespoke simulators to the high-end residential market through its network of dealers.

Run by three-time Le Mans winning Aston Martin factory driver, Darren Turner, BPS creates bespoke simulators for racing teams and professional drivers, using extensive knowledge and experience of professional simulation and real-world racing. Via AWE, these bespoke simulators are now available to amateur enthusiasts through integrators.

Fully bespoke and purpose-built for a dedicated room, the simulators include a giant wrap-around projection screen and edge-blended projection. A custom-built standalone simulator is also available for those wanting a more independent option.

BPS GT Simulator

For a highly authentic and fully immersive race experience, BPS offers its GT Simulator, featuring the wrap-around screen, three edge-blended projectors, and an audio solution.

Used by Aston Martin Racing at the 2020 Virtual Le Mans, the GT Simulator is made using a genuine racing chassis, such as an Aston Martin Vantage, and fitted with BPS developed hardware, creating the ultimate simulator experience for closed roof racers.

A passenger seat is also included to allow for side-by-side coaching, proving beneficial to amateur drivers who want to improve.

To make this premium experience as lifelike as possible, the GT Simulators include a real GT race car chassis, full role cage, adjustable Alcon 2 or 3-pedal box complete with master cylinders, calliper, disc, braided steel, cockpit brake bias adjuster, and a 25Nm direct drive steering motor which can deliver detailed force feedback and replicating real steering torque from any race car.

It also comes with a choice of steering wheels (GT4, GT3 or bespoke), choice of Cosworth or MoTeC dash display with integrated shift lights, a custom membrane switch panel allowing control of simulator software from the driver’s seat, cooling fans, and LED cockpit lighting.

Single Seater Simulator

Also featuring the giant wrap-around screen, the BPS Single Seater Simulators provide a fully immersive environment for driver development. A popular choice for many drivers from F4 to F2, the Single Seater Simulator has been a key factor to many championship victories around the world.

Depending on the requirements of the user and the dedicated space, it can be used as a static simulator or it can be fitted with a 6-DOF motion platform.

The BPS Single Seater Simulator includes a bespoke BPS 2-pedal box system, electronically adjustable sliding pedal box, a wide choice of steering wheels including XAP steering wheel with integrated LED display and shift lights, and a 25Nm direct drive steering motor capable of delivering detailed force feedback and replicating the real steering torque from any race car.


For a home user who wants the benefits of a professional grade simulator, but not the cost or space requirements demanded by a bespoke simulator, the Blade Simulator is custom designed and built.

Built on a specially commissioned, rigid, powder-coated steel frame, Blade features a custom designed BPS carbon, two-pedal box with electric fore/aft adjustment and a bespoke BPS carbon race seat.

Designed for the really high-end market, the custom-built Blade Simulator starts at £22,750 SRP, while the bespoke simulators range from £96,800 to over £500,000.