Room Sonics aims to create better listening environments

A new company has been created to provide room optimisation and speaker line up services that aim to help audio professionals and high-end hifi users improve the listening experience in their homes and studios.

Chris Allen has launched Room Sonics following a 15-year career with two UK professional audio manufacturers, Prism Sound and PMC Speakers. The company’s inception came when Allen recognised that artists and producers are being forced to work independently and often in acoustically challenging spaces due to the pandemic. Understanding the relationship between the room, the loudspeakers and the listener is key to achieving high quality sound reproduction, which is what Allen is aiming to achieve with Room Sonics.

“My career within market-leading brands Prism Sound and PMC Speakers has given me a great deal of experience and thorough insight into modern day professional workflows and domestic hifi set ups,” said Allen. “As an independent consultant, I provide genuinely impartial advice to help resolve many of the issues people face, especially when they are working and listening in spaces where the acoustics and speaker set ups are less than ideal.”

During his time at both Prism Sound and PMC Speakers, Allen worked with multiple recording, mixing and post-production studios to specify, supply and commission high-end audio equipment. This experience will be used to help people find solutions that meet their needs within their homes and studios, without incurring huge costs.

“Audio professionals and many domestic hifi users are investing a great deal of money in instruments and equipment that has been beautifully designed to deliver musicality, a clean signal path and remarkable audio quality,” he continued.

“However, the true performance of that equipment is often limited by the room it is being used in. You might experience too much or too little bass, distracting flutter echoes and long reverberation times, or you might be settling for disproportionate speaker-to-listener arrangements and other challenges. Many of these issues can be easily overcome with the right advice and mitigation. It is amazing how much improvement can be achieved through simple adjustments without needing any additional investment in more boxes or products.”

The company uses recognised acoustic measurement software to identify any issues and tailor solutions that will fit the customer’s needs and budget.

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