Samsung planning 8K QLED TV launch for IFA 2018?

It’s no secret Samsung hopes it can steal some market dominance by joining Sharp in having 8K-ready displays, but we could just be about to see what it’s been working on behind the scenes in South Korea.

Samsung is seemingly sticking to its word and preparing to launch its first 8K-ready (7680 × 4320 resolution supporting) QLED TV at IFA 2018 in Berlin, Germany – taking place from 31 August to 5 September.

Back at CES 2018 in January the powerhouse gave us the first peek at its Q9S 8K TV, but we had to wait until the recent Samsung-sponsored Advanced Display Summit in Hollywood to get further details. Our US correspondent, Michael Heiss, was in attendance and shared the following insight (as well as being told an 8K launch was planned for IFA):

“For the question of “what product”, Samsung did enlighten us a bit. Their 2018 offerings will be 65-, 75- and 82-in models. Significantly, these will all have 120Hz refresh, rather than the 60Hz that is virtually universal of consumer displays. Moving into 2019, the Samsung line will be expanded to include a 98-in set with 120Hz refresh and 65- and 75-in models with 60Hz. The latter will presumably be less expensive; the former likely to be considerably more expensive.” (Letter from America: 8K update).

Of course, Samsung may not launch an 8K QLED TV at IFA, but with the above and huge sign spotted near the show’s location (Messe Berlin), it seems very likely.

To date, Sharp has had a strong focus on 8K and is already selling displays in Asia, but these have been targeted at the pro and broadcast market, rather than residential environments (and critically, lack HDMI 2.1 connectivity).

At the close of 2017, market research specialist TrendForce forecast that the introduction of 8K TV could provide a “breakthrough” for QLED technology in its bid to rival OLED in the high-end market.

“Prepare to be amazed at IFA,” says the sign, and we won’t have to wait long to find out if we will be, and if LG and/or Sony follow suit.

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