AVLinkPro introduces a new intercom driver for Crestron HOME

AVLinkPro has released a new interface extension for Crestron HOME, based on AVLinkPro’s recently launched REST API.

SIPAHOY, the new software extension, adds a new feature set to the Crestron HOME automation system providing new intercom communication and control features.

The interface is designed to connect the intercom hardware systems offered by AVLinkPro to give users greater control of features like panel to panel intercom, audio paging to panels or sound system. It also enables touchless room monitoring, electronic door relay release as well as the add on ability to interface Crestron HOME with a landline telephone system.

The new SIPAHOY extension will also simplify the intercom enhancement features in Crestron HOME that were only possible previously when using a secondary Crestron processor and scripted Macro coding by an experienced programmer. The deployment of the new AVLinkPro extension intends to lower the cost of integration but with more features and function added.


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