B&O launches upgrade for old passive loudspeakers

Last week Bang & Olufsen launched ‘Beocreate,’ a much-needed solution for those of us that own older passive speaker setups which sound great but can’t reap the benefits of wireless connectivity, in collaboration with HiFiBerry.

The Danish manufacturer’s newly introduced £149/$189 Beocreate 4-channel amplifier functions as a development-style board that be added to turn speakers which haven’t been around for years into standalone connected devices. This includes the Beovox CX50 and CX100 models from B&O, as well as working what the manufacturer labels “any generic loudspeaker.”

Bang & Olufsen Beocreate 4-channel amplifier

The amp adds up to 180W of power (for up to four 4-8 Ohm speakers) and incorporates a 4-channel – all running off a 12-24V power supply.

Benefitting from B&O’s Beocreate 4 requires a bit of work, however. A Raspberry Pi is needed to ensure connectivity via WiFi and Bluetooth. For those not looking to get creative with a Raspberry Pi, there’s always Chromecast..

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