B&W introduces CI800 Series Diamond speakers

Bowers & Wilkins has launched its CI800 Series Diamond in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Developed over an 8-year period, the range incorporates diamond dome tweeters, Aerofoil bass cones and a dark-finished and continuum midrange drivers.

The tweeters constructed from diamond have a stiff and light diaphragm to provide distortion-free treble. Decoupling the tweeters from the body of the loudspeaker additionally reduces unwanted vibrations from other drive units.

The series consists of three models, including a three-way loudspeaker incorporating low-frequency Aerofoil drivers made from carbon-fibre skins encapsulating a syntactic foam in a recently developed computer-optimised curved geometry for high quality bass performance.

The CI800 range features back boxes that are fully Matrix braced for rigidity and enhances performance. The boxes include bi-wirable cables that are guided to the terminal panel through tubes and connect to the baffle with a multi-pin connector. This allows integrators to install the speakers in two stages, and the more intricate elements of the product to be finished near the end of a project.

The CWM8.3 D three-way in wall speaker features a decoupled diamond dome tweeter, a 5-in Continuum FST midrange drive unit and two 7-in Aerofoil low-frequency drivers. The central baffle is rotatable, so CWM8.3 D can be used in either vertical or horizontal alignment.

Its sister model, the CWM8.5 D two-way in wall speaker, is a compact speaker incorporating a decoupled diamond dome tweeter and a single 7-in bass/mid Continuum driver with anti- resonance plug.

The line is completed by the CCM8.5 D two-way in ceiling speaker featuring a decoupled diamond dome tweeter and a single 7-in bass/mid Continuum driver with anti-resonance plug. All the drive units are located in a continuously rotatable mini-baffle which allows the user to “toe in” the drive units of the loudspeaker.

All models from the series will be available from summer 2017 onwards. Clients with the original loudspeakers can upgrade easily as each model fits into the existing CI800 Series back boxes.

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