Bose masks noise with Sleepbuds II to improve sleep

Bose has unveiled the second generation of its Sleepbuds, designed to help aid sleep using noise-masking technology.

According to Bose, Sleepbuds II is much more than an upgrade. Following the release of Sleepbuds (the first generation), which was the first product of its kind, the company listened to feedback from its customers on what worked and what didn’t and completely redesigned the product. 

This second iteration represents multiple changes to give users an improved experience.

The Sleepbuds II have better noise-masking capabilities, due to a change in the bud design which gives a better passive blocking of noise, as well as further optimisation of masking sounds around a new, better-performing driver. 

Bose Sleepbud II 2
Various issues from the first generation have been addressed for this second iteration. Image: Bose

The battery has also been changed, following charging issues in the first generation which led to the redesign. The Sleepbuds II feature a reliable new battery, the same used in hearing aids, but engineers worked on various details to make it more comfortable but more powerful for users.

A single charge lasts up to 10 hours, with an additional three charges through the case. 

Various connectivity issues have also been addressed with an upgraded Bluetooth LE radio, revamped Bose Sleep app and the addition of a third prong between the buds and the case to make it easier to establish a connection. A new ‘snap’ experience when putting the buds in the charging case reassures users that they are securely charging. Bose has also added LED lights to indicate the charging status.  

The earbuds can be connected to the Bose Sleep app, which contains a library of Bose-engineered noise-masking sounds and relaxing content. Users can download their favourite content to the Sleepbuds II as well as set a wake-up alarm. 

Users of the first generation complained of ‘pillow squeak’ where the material would rub against the pillow in the night and make a loud noise in the ear, defeating the object of the noise-masking product. Therefore, the Sleepbuds II feature a new matte coating to prevent ‘pillow squeak’. 

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