CEDIA Designer launches update to produce immersive VR render

The CEDIA Designer (TCD) has launched an update that makes it possible for integrators to send their clients proposed cinema room using an immersive VR render file – without the need for specialist viewing equipment.

The client can then open the file directly from an email and view it on an Android or iOS phone, tablet or computer. When viewing on a phone or tablet, the client will need to download a free panorama viewer app to view the file. 

To view the file through an immersive visual experience, the client can purchase a Google Cardboard (or similar) headset and view through a compatible panorama file viewer app. 

The exact room is reproduced through the immersive render viewer and show precise dimensions of the room entered by the integrator in the initial design. Clients are able to see everything in the room including the screen size and position, whether the projector is in-room or on a lifter, whether the room has a coffer or a starlit ceiling. Seating and in-room equipment will appear exactly as specified in the user’s design, replicating the correct location and configuration. It can also be used to choose the décor of the room, selecting from an ever-expanding list of fabrics, colours and textures for the walls, carpets and ceilings. 

The tool is available in four levels. TCD’s immersive render function is only available for subscribers to Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro tiers. With Cinema Room Pro annual subscription, the feature is included for free. Subscribers to any of the other Cinema Room and Cinema Room Pro levels must pay $25 member/$75 non-members for each use of the VR tool per design. 

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