Dynaudio debuts 11 products at CEDIA Expo 2019

Dynaudio unveiled six new in-surface speakers at the show, alongside a fire-resistant backbox, two outdoor models, an in-surface subwoofer and integration software.

The new speakers use the same technologies as Dynaudio’s home, professional and in-car systems, with the Performance range of in-surface speakers featuring one universal depth type. 

The rectangular in-wall speakers are made from a one piece design, slotting into place and securing via tightening dog legs that grip dry-wall. 

The Performance series is comprised of the P4-W65 in-wall speaker, P4-C65 in-ceiling speaker and P4-C80 which feature a 28mm soft-dome tweeter and a 61/2-in MSP woofer, alongside the P4-C80 and P4-W80 in-wall speaker which features a 28mm soft dome tweeter with an eight-in MSP woofer. 

The range is also joined by the P4-DVC65 in-celing speaker, featuring two 28mm soft dome tweeters, a 61/2-in MSP woofer and the P4-LCR50 in-wall LCR speaker, which features a 28mm soft dome tweeter and two five-in woofers. 

dynaudio p4-dvc65
A shallow depth, fireproof metal back-box was launched, filled with Morgan Superwool for an hour of protection at up to 1200 degrees Celcius, capable of mounting into 16-in on-centre studs. 

Dynaudio also unveiled its two outdoor speaker models at the show: the OW-6, featuring a 28mm soft dome tweeter and a 61/2 woofer and the OW-8, including a 28mm tweeter and an eight-in woofer, both available in black or white with articulating brackets included. 

dynaudio ow8

Both models can be connected to a regular amplifier as a pair of passive Eight Ohms speakers and can be daisy-chained on a single 70V/100V system by using the rear selector.  Both models are also IP65-rated and can operate in temperatures from -33 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius. 

Dynaudio also unveiled its Sub RCC (reaction cancelling configuration) subwoofer design, allowing it to be installed in walls, ceilings and floors without a back-box. 

The Sub RCC can be mounted on a wall surface or into a 2x4 stud-bay before or after construction, featuring an adaptive bass limitation to prevent zero overload and frequency response (+/- 3dB) 16-160Hz as well as reactive cancellation configuration, using two sets of opposed drivers to cancel out vibration transmission. 

dynaudio sub rcc

 Amplification is provided by AudioControl, with the RS 500 DSP controlled unit tuned for the Sub RCC. 

Users can tweak the unit’s graphic EQ, with each amp capable of powering two Sub RCC units. 

Dynaudio also unveiled its integration software for ELAN, Control4 and Crestron, creating bespoke zone-control drivers to enable integration for Dynaudio Music and Dynaudio Connect products with ELAN, Control4 and Crestron systems, with integration for Savant systems to be unveiled later in 2019. 

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