Faradite launch TAP Sample Cases for integrators to demo to customers

Faradite has launched its TAP Sample Case tool for integrators to take to design meetings and demonstrate the TAP aesthetic to customers.

Designed for the new TAP Volt Free switches, launched a month ago, the new sample cases give integrators a solution for displaying the various TAP options to their customers as well as safely and neatly storing the samples when not in use.

The sample case features a demo coupler unit in the middle fold which can be powered to illuminate the halo light and show the TAP Volt Free switches full potential.

Four non-working sample fronts are included in the sample case to demonstrate each of the four finishes, and they include TAP-1 and TAP 5 options. They have also been added to the website so that integrators can purchase extra non-working demo fronts to add to their sample cases if they wish.