GJD drivers secure Control4 certification

External detector and illuminator specialist GJD has announced that its product range is now certified by Control4.

Following official testing and approval by Utah-based home automation manufacturer Control4, GJD’s IP driver range are now Control4 ready “straight out of the box.”

All drivers underwent testing in Control4 labs to ensure they could offer easy integration for installers. GJD’s certification includes the Simple Device Discovery Protocol (SDDP), designed to make integrating GJD IP devices with a Control4 system “easy and seamless” according to the UK company.

“We are extremely proud that our IP drivers are C4 certified. GJD is fully committed to providing integrators with all of the benefits of a truly customisable network based security system. Our partnership will make it even easier for CIs to install and configure GJD into Control4 home and commercial automation projects,” commented Mark Tibbenham, managing director of GJD.

GJD’s range of IP devices ranges from external passive infrared detectors and laser sensors for perimeter protection and intruder detection to infrared and white light LED illuminators for intelligent lighting. A certified driver for its IPAnything Module (an I/O Converter) can convert any type of analogue sensor to an IP system, or vice versa.

GJD’s certified IP drivers are available via Janus Technology.