Karma-AV Adds JBL Studio Monitors to Roster

Karma-AV has introduced two new JBL studio monitors to its high-end JBL Synthesis range. Created to bring professional-grade JBL performance to home audio, the JBL 4367 and 4429 studio monitors revives a classic line with new acoustic systems.

The JBL 4367 incorporates drivers and technologies derived from the company’s M2 Master Reference Monitor. It utilises JBL’s patented D2 compression driver technology featuring the D2430K dual-diaphragm/dual-voice-coil driver, which employs two annular (ring-shaped) diaphragms and two voice coils to deliver extended high frequency response to 40kHz with extremely low distortion even at high volume levels. 

The JBL 4367 features front-panel high frequency and ultra-high frequency trim adjustments for the fine-tuning of audio response according to the system and room. Its heavy-duty dual binding posts allow bi-amping or bi-wiring while its 94dB sensitivity and 6-ohm impedance enable the 4367 to be driven up to 300 watts maximum amplifier power.

The JBL 4429 system is an updated version of the company’s 4425 studio monitor, introduced in 1985.  The new JBL 4429 incorporates a 19mm titanium diaphragm, ultra-high frequency compression driver (138Nd), which joins an improved 50mm titanium diaphragm high frequency compression driver (175Nd-3) in a one-piece SonoGlass horn system. 

A new crossover network provides a smooth handover with a 300mm JBL pure-pulp cone woofer (1200FE-8) augmented by twin reflex ports in an improved, braced cabinet for quick, tight bass, which complements a natural, well-focused midrange and clear, distinct highs. Built for high sensitivity (91dB (2.83V/1m)), and high (200W) power handling.

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