Nest launches Thermostat E in the UK

Google’s simple take on the Nest experience – the Thermostat E – will soon be available to help UK homeowners tackle the autumn and wintry weather, with pre-orders open from today.

Priced at £199 (£20 less than the Nest Learning Thermostat), Nest's Thermostat E has been around over a year but is only now making it across the pond – in fairness, it has been a busy summer for Google & Nest.

Intended to be intuitive for all ages to use thanks to an uncomplicated design, the thermostat is a more low-key option than the bold, detachable Hive View camera released in January 2018.

Like most similar products, the Thermostat E allows users to alter the temperature using its dial and set up specific schedules to fit around daily routines, with the ability to change settings via the Nest app. The thermostat also can work with the Temperature Sensor, and voice control is supported to allow thermostat owners to up the temperature from the comfort of their sofa.

A ‘True Radiant’ feature reportedly allows heating systems to reach the desired temperature by the time needed, without overheating.

Google and Nest are also keen to stress that the thermostat is so smart it can learn family’s routines and preferences over time, but as most of us know, this ability often fails very short in comparison to the capabilities of a professionally installed system.

The Thermostat E will be officially released in mid-October.