Nest makes big push into security market with ’˜Nest Secure’

Smart thermostat specialist Nest has announced the introduction of a fully featured security system, the Nest Secure, whilst also debuting its latest Nest Cam IQ Outdoor.

Priced as part of a US $500 package, the Nest Secure alarm system comprises of three hardware products – including the Nest Guard and Nest Detect – that can be integrated with the manufacturer’s camera offerings.

Notably, the Guard offers a siren and cellular backup (for a fee of $5 per month) if a home’s WiFi goes down, whilst the Detect incorporates features like a light sensor and magnetic door open access for monitoring activity in the home. The Guard’s interface incorporates a standard keypad for protecting the system.

Accompanying Nest Tags (with an in-built NFC chip) furthermore allows users to turn on alarms on or off if they don’t want to use their phone, or are giving them to a regular visitor to their home (and conveniently can be programmed to only access it at certain times). These tags are connected to the wider system through the Guard’s NFC reader.

Naturally, the Nest products are accompanied by a software suite allowing users to be notified of any suspicious behaviour, and act on it (i.e. by contacting police via app or set up 24/7 professional monitoring). But Nest isn’t doing this all alone. Nest has partnered with remote home automation and security specialist Moni to help out and has also is partnering with a number of smart lock manufacturers.

The Secure starter pack incorporates a Guard, two Nest Detects and two tags, whilst two Nest Detects will set users back $59, with individual Nest Tags priced at $25.

Nest will release the range in the US in November 2017, ahead of a European release in early 2018.