Origin Acoustics to distribute Ambisonic Systems products worldwide

Origin Acoustics has partnered to become the world distributor of all Ambisonic Systems products, including the new Ambisonic Systems Landscape Ribbon Six (LSR6).

Ambisonic Systems has spent the last seven years building pro audio technology for world-class theatres and venues. Now, the company has used that knowledge and technology to create its first speaker for the residential space. 

Created by renowned speaker designer Jeff Coombs and his team, the new LSR6 loudspeaker is the next product in its range of audiophile pro-luxury speakers designed by Coombs. 

A unique speaker, it features a proprietary weatherised high-dispersion ribbon tweeter to reproduce clean, realistic audio. The LSR6’s 2.7-in magnetic planar tweeter uses the same exotic materials as scientists for space travel, demonstrating the next generation in ribbon technology.

Its neodymium glass fibre driver gives the mid-range clarity, and any of the matching Ambisonic Subwoofers fill out the low-end with concert level depth and loudness. 

The Landscape Ribbon Six is now available from Origin Acoustics along with the full line of Ambisonic Systems’ high-performance loudspeakers.  

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