Pith & Stem unveil DropTop. Pro M home office solution

Pith & Stem has launched the DropTop. Pro M, the latest version of its DropTop. Pro range, unfolding from the wall into a 120cm by 60cm desk surface, revealing the built-in LG 29” ultra-wide full HD monitor.

Recognising that not everyone has the luxury of having a full home working set up, Pith & Stem launched its DropTop solution in March, a workstation that was made to fold away into the wall when not in use hidden behind artwork. The solution was created for those who do not have the room for a permanent work solution at home and want to use the space for other things rather than just working.

Over the last six months, the company has experienced high demand and positive feedback from the solution, which has led to them creating seven new models. The latest version of DropTop’s Pro range is the Pro M.

The desk can be folded away when not in use, displaying a piece of artwork.

Giving users a big work surface, the Pro M also features LG’s 29” ultra-wide full HD monitor that can be used with a laptop or MacBook. The main difference with the latest version is the range of accessories it comes with. As standard, the Pro M has a wireless phone charger and a plug socket with two USB ports to power laptops, phones and other gadgets.

On the other side is a customisable recess, with the option to have either an extendable tablet/mobile phone holder, or a multi-use arm to hold an external microphone, webcam, or even a mirrorless camera for vlogging. The desk also has two storage pockets below the screen that can fit most chunky laptops and accessories like a keyboard, mouse, tablet, notepads, magazines and other essentials.

The DropTop. Pro M is expected to launch on 10 November 2021 prices at £1,345.

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