Samsung announces The Wall Luxury

Samsung Electronics has announced today that the highly anticipated display, ‘The Wall Luxury’ will be available to order in July 2019.

This screen is a breakthrough innovation for the home entertainment market, offering discerning customers a display solution like no other dedicated for a high end, luxury residence. 

The versatile modular LED panels allows The Wall Luxury to be customised to fit into any space within the home environment, going beyond the standard 16:9 ratio to occupy unusually shaped flat walls, pillars or even door frames. 

The Wall Luxury has two modes giving homeowners the flexibility to use their bespoke display solution as an immersive way to enjoy entertainment or create a visual canvas for their home. 

The entertainment mode allows owners to enjoy incredible visual experiences across a range of media. 


When not in use for entertainment purposes, The Wall Luxury can be used as a visual backdrop, allowing people to view art, pictures or immersive scenes. 

The Ambient Mode turns The Wall Luxury into a digital canvas, allowing owners to create striking centrepieces. The Infinity Design and Décor Frame creates a display to complement any space and only stands out when directed. With an almost edgeless display and a slim design, The Wall Luxury is able to blend into its surroundings. 

To provide extraordinary picture quality with striking contrast and lifelike colours, a new process is used to produce LEDs where the individual pixels are just 0.8mm wide, meaning even more pixels can be used in every frame for higher-quality imagery. It also uses HDR10+ to produce incredible levels of brightness.

The Wall Luxury also feature AI upscaling technology to maximise image quality in any size and ratio, and the Quantum Processor powers intuitive resolution-to-screen size adjustment to always maintain the best picture for whatever the screen is being used for. 

The Wall Luxury is available to order from July 2019. 

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