SIM2 shipping Nero4 UHD projector worldwide

SIM2 has announced that it is now shipping its Nero4 projector worldwide, following its debut at CEDIA 2016.

The Nero4 projector incorporates the latest 0.67-in DLP UHD 4K chipset from Texas Instruments, coupled with SIM2’s video processing technology, to deliver 8.3 million pixels on-screen.

The Nero4 features a 450W lamp for providing up to 5000 ANSI-lumens of brightness. It also offers SIM2’s latest telecentric optical system, with its pure-glass lens providing a resolution of 93 lines per millimetre – housed in a crystal-glass cabinet.

Installation tools include fully motorised zoom and focus and optical lens shift (for adjusting the position of an image up to 70% vertically or 30% horizontally). Nero4’s Perfect Fit feature offers fully programmable zoom, focus and lens shift for the lens-free creation of 2.40:1 images and comes with Live Colours Calibration 2.0 software for configuration including the adjustment of the primary, secondary and white point colour coordinates.

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