Yamaha Introduces Disklavier Enspire MusicCast Piano

Yamaha has expanded its MusicCast product line with the Disklavier Enspire, a multi-room piano.

The Disklavier Enspire is being introduced by the company as part of the Chorus starter package, which includes other new MusicCast audio components.

Touted as the first multi-room instrument in the world, Disklavier Enspire works with MusicCast to serve as the entertainment hub of the home. A pianist’s performance can be transmitted to the whole house using MusicCast – for example, to a streaming speaker at a garden party. The piano also plays itself, with several pieces by well-known pianists available on various stations thanks to Yamaha Piano Radio. While the Disklavier Enspire plays the piano part acoustically, vocals and accompanying instruments are reproduced by the home hi-fi system.

The MusicCast Chorus starter package is comprised of YAS-306 soundbar, a WX-010 wireless streaming speaker and an ISX-18D micro design system with integrated radio alarm clock.

Yamaha MusicCast

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