Rithum introduces the Rithum Switch Pro at ISE 2024

Rithum has announced the the Rithum Switch Pro, an updated integrated control panel, at ISE 2024.

This device is crafted for professional installers and marries Power Over Ethernet (PoE) with an integrated speaker and microphones to offer control and communication capabilities across various settings in smart homes.

With its PoE functionality the device attempts to deliver a streamlined installation process with a reliable power source and solid data communications with no reliance on Wi-Fi. The addition of a built-in speaker and microphones turns the Rithum Switch Pro into a communication hub, facilitating audio interactions throughout any environment, such as answering the video doorbell.

Rithum also unveiled several new integration plugins at ISE 2024, aiming to enhance the adaptability and control capabilities of both the Rithum Switch and now the Rithum Switch Pro. These new plugins provide compatibility with Zuma, KNX, CoolAutomation, Shelly, and Audioflow, enabling integration into existing smart systems and broadening the scope of control for users.

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